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Mercedes-Benz A Class

Mercedes-Benz manufacturing company will quickly launch the class A, but with a small gap and Tuck. Class-A was launched later in 2013, and now two years into being, the premium hatchback Midlife is renewed. Worldwide, the car has been sold, and now the American market is the car goes on sale on December 8. In the same nomenclature will change to see. Thus, A-class diesel CDI suffix will go and it will be happy with a simple D.


A new class facelift obtains decorative instrument panel, the screen in the middle of the dashboard, while the car is now a new instrument panel and a new screen for the infomercial system. The infomercial system can be connected to Android devices and Apple covers telephone connectivity, music, and navigation. It is also simple to use. In sports and earlier models, the display is also larger – now eight inches – bigger than the previous model. That any major changes. In terms of convenience, all models will get front multi-adjustable passenger seat. It is equipped with ESP, ABS, EBD, and 7 airbags to ensure safety.


One can find a new front bumper with an arrow, inherited the same grid diamond pattern, new LED headlights from the A45 AMG, other taillights highlight the sporting character of the car and integrated style of pipes rear exhaust.


The difference between the two vehicles is on stilts when in fact it is reduced to driving. Class A facelift comes with 4 other driving modes – Individually, Comfort, Eco, andSport. Performance figures continue the same.It will continue to work with power 1.6-liter petrol engine produces 122bhp and 139bhp power to pump 2.2 liters of diesel plant. The plants can be coupled to the 7G-Tronic AC dual clutch of the front wheels. To get a better Mercedes-Benz wheel visit https://www.usarim.com/mercedes-wheels/.

A class also marks the start of the current Mercedes-Benz diesel technology. The engines are quiet and powerful. And optimization of fuel consumption and emissions data to impress fuel consumptions, impress with their significantly improved features and quiet operation with less vibration. The diesel technology of the fourth generation common rail system has an injection pressure of 2000 bar, room and combustion nozzles optimized precise valve increases. Improved contact pressure and a turbocharger with variable turbine geometry provide high torque in all speed ranges.


No other inspired Mercedes-Benz engineers as consistently impressive how far produce the search for new operating security technologies. The 1st valuable safety breakthrough was reached in the 1950s with the establishment of the passenger safety cell, invented by Béla Barényi. Today, it’s just the overall safety concept which edges Mercedes – Benz closer to our vision of accident-free driving many one of the components.

Most accidents start long before the actual collision: with concentration, poor visibility or unforeseen danger lapse. Therefore, the concept of Mercedes-Benz is a series of security measures employed every day stress-free driving support service and help to deal with critical situations.

The Mercedes-Benz vehicles have a number of safety technologies to take away accidents. Should the worst come occupants but are a number of security measures activated. They include the protection of vehicle occupants and other road users.